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Unseen Field

Heather is writing the Autobiography of An Alien. It's a fiction, memoir—equal parts serendipitous tale and spiritual guide. Her brand surrounds exposing that which we cannot see and communicating the unspeakable. :D As you can imagine, it wasn't a simple idea to pin down. Especially for a deep thinker like Heather. In the end, connecting her message to a brand was less about deciphering that mystery and more about pinpointing that person, place thing or concept that spoke the unspeakable to her. For that, we were returned to Heather's childhood farm.

The hours lost in the other-worldly beauty and calm of the vast wheat field. The presence to the moment. Whispers from the other side. Touching on a truth bigger than ourselves. The moment she happened on it, the ideas began to flow from both sides. Of course, we are finding ways to re-complicate it. The best way to express messages hidden in the details, is through messages hidden in the details, after all. ;)

Perhaps it's just me, but my favorite brands are ones that can both comfort and surprise me. There is nothing more fun than seeing something new in the familiar. It really works to create details that take your audience time to notice or decipher. We all like being engaged on multiple levels.


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