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warrior + healer

I met Lisa at a pitch conference I was running with Calliope Writing Coach. She has one of those stories that stops you in your tracks. Lisa shares her journey of being raised by pedophiles to finding her spiritual center and becoming a trauma therapist. Lisa is out to connect survivors of sexual abuse to a healing mindset. She is also out to stop the perpetrators, their skewed beliefs—and the legislation and media that support and encourage their agenda. 

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in the space of community,

everything is possible—

9R455R0075 #9R is a collaborative community providing structure, tools and resources for writers, artists, creatives, creators and activists to map and pursue a path of our own design. We all have that thing we dream of being—and we all have something in the way. We also have something to contribute. Everyone one of us. When we work together we have everything required to create anything we can imagine. More importantly, rooted in who we really are and what actually matters to us and our combined future.


co-creators are matched via assets, gaps, inspirations and causes. Let the match-making begin!

branding + design + co-promotion + community building

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