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The Flight Line

Pre-Flight Check

Chani Barlow is a mother, foster parent and writer. She came to me at the end of her brand journey. A self-starter, she checked-in a few times along the way as she dabbled with building her own web site. What she finally presented to me was light years from where she started. Not only had her technical and design skills come a long way, she had gone from a dark, heavy template to something light and bright—and beautiful in its simplicity. What was missing was the finishing touches, an experienced hand to comb through the finishing details and a primary image to carry her brand theme.

Messages From On High

Her brand had floated down to her from above, very literally. Busy on a Zoom conference one day, she emerged from her work fog and immediately noticed her floor littered with paper airplanes. Each had a message from her son who has been trying to get her attention. She was stricken with some guilt over the missed messages, but also with the parallel to her own journey and the messages from her Higher power that led her straight to the family of her dreams—and a key message of her memoir Seeking Solace.

The Flight Line

Her minimal design approach and simple message called for a clean, almost understated logo. It was done in a matter of hours and approved on the first review. It doesn't have to be complicated or a long process. Though sometimes it is. Every case is different. When it's right the brand, simple or complex, a world unfolds. Colors. Fonts. Words and pictures that immediately connect your audience with the primary vision. One of those magical pieces for Chani was the Flight Line, the tiny pink border reflecting back to her paper airplanes. It's those consistent, small details that create the world of your brand.

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