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Shared Power

The Eggs of an Idea

Leona and I are in the same writing program. She was one of the first people to collaborate with me when I was starting #9R. Among the initial things I did was set-up a weekly call for writers I knew who might benefit from having the obstacles cleared and/or needed support around branding, promotion and community building. It was on one of those calls that the idea of the dragons reared their glorious heads. Dragons are a big part of both eastern and western culture and represent opposite journeys. Leona had already chosen Shared Power as banner for her brand, plus she writes historical fantasy. While she is currently writing a book with a martial arts theme, she has dreams of exploring many cultures through her writing. It all just meshed.

Months later she set-up a call, wanting to talk social media. She had settled on the dragons in a yin + yang arrangement. Calling to mind the call to practice balance in all cultures. Her sister was taking on the logo. Leona wanted to discuss the approach launching her brand and bringing all of the aspects of what she was offering into one dojo. Writing + Speaking + Energy Work. The idea of giving the dragons their own personalities and creating her message through their distinct voices was an easy and natural conclusion. She was clearly on the chosen brand path where what is next simply rises up.

Again some time passed, and Leona reached out again. Her sister had started on the dragons, but it was slow going. Leona was ready to take flight and contracted me to complete the logo and fill out the starter colors and fonts for Shared Power. This was babies as they first appeared. The first ultra-sound. ;)

Sisters From Another Mister

When I'm taking on a new design, I don't begin building it right away. I do my research. I save out anything I find interesting. I capture what captures me. At some point the inspiration is just there. When its conceived, I have to create it. It calls to me. I've often told clients I had no choice, but to build whatever vision their brand inspired. It was that way with the dragons. Once I started, Pearl came right out. Such an easy birth. So playful and certain. The eastern dragon represents the vitality of life, and Pearl embraced her birthright, out of the egg.

Destined by her path, Leona did not come gently into this good night. She raged against the dawning of the light. There was even a period where I had to put her down. :) The western dragon represents the ego. What is trapping you is your dragon. Following your bliss, and slay your dragon. Follow your bliss and you are free. Leona is a dragon slaying dragon. She will set us all free. :D

And they met. <3 Leona knew her dragons when she saw them. She greeted them like long lost friends. Its that way with your soulmates. Its that way when a brand comes together, you can see the fit. See the dance. You forget all about the long labor, the difficult delivery. There is only the miracle of new life and what is possible.

There Be Dragons

Her dragons now roaming free, Leona is free to Shepard her flock on every distant shore.

Leona isn't just a brilliant mind, she also has body. ;) A whole and complete one. So why would I bother to give her an anatomy that might never be seen? Not to build her as complete lacks integrity. I would always picture her as missing parts. She would become my differently-abled dragon. She is real to me.


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