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Family Business

Sentimental Value

Johnny Spicer was referred to me in need of a logo update and basic business package for his family run custom home contracting firm. They've been in business since the 90's and his logo looked it. The thing is, he started the company with his brother who created the original design, and has since passed away. Johnny didn't want to lose the spirit of his brother present in their business and the image.


That said, Johnny is a craftsman whose business has grown with the times. It was past time for a remodel. My first idea was to bring the mountains into the home, creating them as an amazing view through the large glass windows. He loved that idea. <3 He threw in the curve ball that he wanted to create the roof as flat to bring in his more modern design sense. In the graphic design sense, it was more difficult to incorporate the mountains into the windows and lose their distinct pitched shaped at the same time. The combination created everything as flat instead of dynamic and modern. The answer was all in the angles.

The Finishing Touches

Lucky for me, Johnny loved the remodel. We worked together on the finishing details to complete his new look. Even when you're creating just the basics of a brand, it all about options.


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