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Evergreen is a new project for an old friend. We're just getting started, but Randi's brand is very clear. A native Alaskan, her roots follow where ever she may roam. She didn't choose the Evergreen, it was just always there. An ever present symbol of her purpose to be a source of renewal for others.

For Randi, her brand isn't a mystery. Writer. Empowerment Coach. Cozy Powerhouse. A light in the dark. The warmth in the cold. Forever young. The trick for her, or rather, for me, as the artist, is to capture that vision. We have a whole cozy powerhouse, light in the dark, warm in the cold, evergreen scene in the works. While there is a time and place for that bigger picture, your brand begins and ends with the most simple expression of your message.

That expression isn't always the most immediate choice. This is certainly the case for Evergreen. While the forever green trees are the heart of Randi's vision, and we plan to have a lovely snow-covered one on display in her wintery scene—they may not speak her message visually as much as the inviting glow of her porch light.

Whether your expression is immediately clear or takes a some coaxing, your brand is who you are. It is not a creation, so much as a discovery. When you happen on it, you will recognize it. And it will recognize you.


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