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i win + you win + we win

What does a life look like when being who you are, creating others as their best self and contributing to a greater good is the accepted way to operate?

cooperate + rise
#3W win x win x win is an easy to follow code leading to a world where contributing to others + giving back to the whole is a natural extension of our own success.

start today

9R455R0075 create projects celebrating + leveraging the power of community and authentic sharing. Join us in creating a shift in the paradigm of what it is to be successful.


#R15 #R0073D1N574R5

Our first project is geared to launch the #3W concept itself.

How would you like to see yourself more clearly, while at the same time experiencing a deeper connection with the world around you? 

Imagine a world where we see outside the perspective blindness + conditioned responses working against us, to close the gap between the values in our heart + the way we live—where we strive to know our best selves + seek it out in others.


We can do more than give back, we can be who we truly are.


It begins with uncovering who we have been. 


Join the #R007X. Together we can create a space for understanding +cooperation + new way of being human.

@MML4UR3N #R15
#1W i win
PU8Y + CN7R + B7R
#2you win
GR455R0075 + C4N0PY5 + 3E
#3W we win
#2W #9R455R0075

s p a c e  t o  c r e a t e

9R455R0075 co-creation agency is a collective of artists + creatives + creators 

assembling individual + combined intentions.

#1W #PU8Y

how it feels to fly

As a child I imagined the ringing in my ears a built-in bat-signal. I’d dash from the house, feet pounding, eyes peeled for misdoings. Adult me isn’t much different. Wonder Woman meets woman of wonder, my mission to interpret the signals lead me to my passion to tell stories.

#2W #C4N0PY5

C4N0PY5 are online collectives formed around shared interests + causes, + inspirations + industries. To connect with your communities, add the C4N0PY5 unique hashtag to any social profile or post.

#1W #CN7R

beneath the tree

Born with a mutation embodying man's greatest sin, one man must grapple to discover who he really is and undertake the challenge of living an intentional life.


10:19 three chapter preview

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01:20 ebook

02:20 paperback

#2W #3E

the element of three

When there are two of a thing,
we tend to make it a contest. 

Adding a third creates a space outside of us vs. them. #3E operates in the belief we can  create more working together, than trying to best each other.

#1W #87R #R007X

beneath the roots

Book of essays + memoir based on the topics and experience of the #R007X from the perspective of the creator @mmlauren


03:20 essays ebook

04:20 essays + memoir pre-order

06:20 essays + memoir ebook

08:20 essays + memoir paperback

H45 7H3R3 3V3R 833N
#P34C3 0N 34R7H?

Everyone wants peace, in theory.

In practice, peace is unattainable.

15 W4R 1N3V1748L3?​

We have been hating and hurting and killing each other since the dawn of time.

#3W #R007X
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