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4LL W1N, 4LL 7H3 71M3
+ all #3E concepts are based on the #3W model. 

+ all concepts work together.

+ all concepts support collaboration between artists + creatives + creators to envision + design + generate new concepts

+ above board + transparent


win x win x win model

- i win + you win + we win

+ partnerships + projects + concepts + campaigns

- do what we love

- support each other 

- give back.


+ having two of anything,
creates competition
+ adding a third creates a space outside of compete + win

+ room for cooperate + rise

+being who you are, creating others as their best self + contributing to community

#8R1D935 #P47H5

ideas + projects
feature your work, passion, pitch + dream + goal


cooperate with others to complete your ideas + projects


share others work + join projects + generate dreams + visions + missions


s p a c e  t o  c r e a t e

+ collective of artists + creatives + creators 

+ assembling individual + combined intentions



- authentic + contributive

+ brand + story + design

+ growth + promotion strategies

+community building


not me or you + us or them.

+ being who you are

+ creating others as their best + contributing to community

+ paving the way for peaceful shifts in the way we are being


evolved mission

+ aware + progressive + compassionate

+ greater impact on individual + group + world efforts 

+ creating giving to others as a natural extension of success.

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